Brown spots are caused by pigments produced by melanocytes that contain tyrosinase which are enzymes activated when they come in contact with ultraviolet light. This is why people develop sun spots and freckles when they spend too much time under the sun. 

Arbutin works by blocking tyrosinase. It is extracted from the bearberry plant. It is known to help prevent melanin formation and brown spots. It can also help with post-inflammatory pigmentation.

In this post, Healing Bark, the brand behind the best facial masks for acne, shares what you need to know about alpha arbutin:

How Alpha Arbutin Works

Alpha arbutin is an excellent alternative over hydroquinone as it works on a similar level but without toxicity or side effects.

Alpha arbutin can be used on its own or combined with other skin-lightening ingredients to promote skin cell regeneration and a brighter complexion.

In addition to inhibiting melanin production, it can also inhibit a specific enzyme that causes post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin

1. Protects Skin from the Sun

Arbutin from natural plant sources is known to provide protection from the sun. When used topically, it also protects your skin from sunburn. Therefore, if you are planning to spend some time in the sun, make sure that you apply sunscreen with arbutin in it.

2. Evens Out Complexion

Alpha-Arbutin can help even out your complexion by blocking the formation of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its color. So, your complexion can appear brighter with less inflammation and acne if you use Alpha-Arbutin topically. It can also help with brown sunspots and freckles.

3. Fades Scars

It is one of the best ingredients to use to fade scars. As it limits melanin production, it can help lighten the spots you might get from acne or other skin conditions.

4. Safer Than Hydroquinone

Alpha-Arbutin has been found to be better for use than hydroquinone. Unlike hydroquinone, it does not bleach your skin.

What Are Its Side Effects?

Alpha-Arbutin does not have much in terms of side effects. It is safe to use if used in the recommended amounts. However, if you use it in high doses or for more extended periods, you could get the following side effects:

  1. It Could Make Your Skin Itch
  1. It Could Make Your Skin Dry
  1. You Could Develop Redness on Your Skin
  1. You Could Develop Blisters

How to Use Alpha Arbutin Safely in Your Skin Care Routine

Many people use Alpha Arbutin in their skincare routine to lighten their skin with positive results. However, you need to put a low amount in just a few areas of your skin. This is because Alpha-Arbutin can bleach your skin if you use it in high amounts and expose your skin to the sun.


Time and time again, we've seen that alpha-arbutin works amazingly for fading acne scars and brown spots left behind. It’s one of the reasons it’s a common ingredient in acne clarifying skincare products.

There are a few ways to use Alpha Arbutin for skincare. You can use it in your morning and evening routine. It is also safer to use it in a few small areas of your skin. Do not expose your skin to the sun after applying the Alpha Arbutin.

You can also find effective products like masks containing alpha arbutin and other beneficial ingredients to improve your skin's condition further.

Healing Bark is one of the best facial masks for acne and other skin conditions that contain arbutin, as well as coumarin and marmesin which can address problems like aging skin. Give the Healing Bark mask a try now and see the difference it makes on your skin!