It’s frustrating to have persisting acne, no matter how hard you try. Although, that might be the problem: You’re trying too hard. You may find yourself overdoing your skincare routine and, in turn, aggravating your problematic skin even more. 

Read on to learn about the acne-causing skincare mistakes you should avoid today.

Mistake #1: Switching Out Your Regimen Regularly

This method has the potential to irritate the skin and result in acne. Face cleaning on a regular basis can irritate the skin and contribute to the development of acne.

Allow an acne treatment to do its job instead. You require a product for a period of six to eight weeks. It takes that long to see benefits. If you continue to feel ill, try a different product. It takes three to four months to clear.

Mistake #2: Not Preventing New Breakouts

While treating existing breakouts makes sense, it does not prevent new ones. Instead, evenly apply a thin layer of acne treatment to your acne-prone skin to prevent fresh breakouts. Apply the acne treatment evenly to all three places if you have acne on your forehead, nose, or chin, for example.

Mistake #3: Using Acne-Causing Products

Whether it's a product for the hair, for the face, or for the body, most contain oil or other substances that might aggravate acne. You may notice further faults if you continue to use them. Instead, use makeup, sunscreen, skin, and hair products that are "non-comedogenic" or "will not clog pores."

Mistake #4: Not Organizing Your Tools

Although acne is not contagious, sharing makeup, brushes, or applicators can spread bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells that cause acne. These compounds have the potential to block pores and cause acne breakouts. Rather, make certain that you are the sole user of your cosmetics, brushes, and applicators. Additionally, organize them into their own cases and compartments!

Mistake #5: Sleeping On it

Sleeping without giving your face a good wash could cause acne. To avoid this, remove your makeup before going to bed and use makeup removers and cleansers that are compatible with your skin type.

Mistake #6: Parch Your Skin

Don’t apply astringents and acne remedies till your face feels dry. This could lead to dehydration of the skin, itchiness, and irritation. Rather, follow the acne treatment instructions and apply moisturizer twice daily.

Mistake #7: Over Scrubbing

While it may sound great to slough off the dead skin on your face, over scrubbing can lead to irritation and acne production. Instead, carefully cleanse your face and any other acne-prone areas with a gentle and non-comedogenic cleanser. Using your fingertips, apply the cleanser in a circular motion. Rinse it gently with warm water. Then, blot your skin dry with a clean cloth.

Mistake #8: Popping Zits

You risk pushing pus, dead skin cells, or bacteria deeper into your skin by squeezing or popping zits. When inflammation increases, you get even more visible acne, scarring, and pain. Instead, resist popping or squeezing acne. If you’d like to clear up your severe acne, seek a dermatologist who can give you the best advice and treatments.


Now that you know what to avoid, you better catch yourself the next time you do your skincare routine! When it comes to your face and acne, it’s best to keep things simple, be it your choices of products or the frequency of your cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and more. Let your skin breathe, and remember: Don’t sleep with makeup on!

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