Whiteheads are caused by many factors, including cleansing practices, lifestyle behaviors, and genetics.

Hormonal changes cause whiteheads, and fluctuations in hormone levels can cause acne breakouts. Certain life experiences and periods may boost sebum production in the pores; the more oil your skin produces, the more likely your pores may clog and turn white.

So, what are whiteheads, and what are the whiteheads and acne mask treatment options? 

Causes of Whiteheads 


Most acne cases arise throughout adolescence when hormonal changes cause sebum production to increase. When a young person reaches puberty, the brain produces GnRH, which instructs the pituitary gland to release two extra hormones known as androgens. These hormones tell the oil glands to produce more sebum (oil) under the skin.

Excess sebum clogs pores, making it difficult for the skin to expel dead skin cells and germs, resulting in clogged follicles and acne lesions, including whiteheads.

Boys and girls experience puberty at different ages. Females typically enter puberty at the age of eleven, while examples of girls as young as six and seven have been reported.

Boys can start puberty as early as age 9, although it usually starts around 12. Boys may experience puberty-related acne for a longer time than girls. 

Personal Habits

Personal habits can also exacerbate acne and whiteheads. While it has not been shown that nutrition causes whiteheads, several studies have found a correlation between certain foods and the appearance of blemishes.

Hormonal Alterations

Beyond puberty, various life experiences can trigger hormonal changes, and many of these changes affect women in particular. Many women may experience hormonal changes during pregnancy (usually around six weeks) that increase acne breakouts.

During their menstrual cycle, many women notice that the development of whiteheads and other forms of acne worsens. Progesterone levels rise when estrogen levels fall, urging the glands to create more oil.


Acne appears to be caused in part by inherited causes. Acne-prone parents are more likely to produce children who suffer from the same skin condition.

Multiple studies have established a substantial link between heredity and acne prevalence; however, family living practices may impact the appearance of skin blemishes and diseases. Your genes may determine your skin sensitivity and sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations.

Genetics can also influence your inflammatory response; some people may have a higher inflammatory response to bacteria than others, affecting the severity of acne. A good treatment is to try skincare masks for acne. 


Scientists and dermatologists have known that higher stress levels are linked to breakouts for a long time. Still, there has yet to be a definitive answer to how stress promotes pimple production. According to researchers, stress hormone receptors have been discovered in cells that create sebum.

When a person with acne is stressed, their oil-producing cells become uncontrolled, resulting in excess sebum and a higher risk of pore blockage, leading to breakouts such as whiteheads, cystic acne, and other types of pimples. 

While no definitive research has been done to back up this theory, studies have shown that people with acne have more frequent and intense outbreaks when under a lot of stress.

Anxiety leads to a vicious cycle, with worried people picking at their skin, aggravating an acne problem. These pimples could develop infected, causing additional stress and reinforcing the picking behavior.


Whiteheads come in various sizes, from almost imperceptible to obvious acne lesions. They aren't usually unpleasant, but they aren't pleasant to look at. These are the ones we're most tempted to pop because the clogged pore is visible on the skin's surface. But resist the temptation! There are far more effective techniques to achieve clear skin, such as skincare masks for brightening. 

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