It's no secret that everybody wants to look good. After all, looking beautiful or handsome is sure to get heads turning. For this reason, many people go to great lengths to develop a skincare routine that will help them achieve the best skin they can get. However, it's not just the routine itself but also the products that matter.

Of course, any skincare routine isn't complete without a moisturizer. A moisturizer is a necessary product because it hydrates the skin and generally protects it from outside elements. Like many things, moisturizers come in different variants, which is confusing for some people. For this reason, we'll guide you on how to choose the best moisturizer in this article.

Considerations When Choosing a Moisturizer

Moisturizers come in different variants: cream, lotion, or ointments. To find the best moisturizer, here are some things to look for:

Offers Sun Protection

Nobody can deny the importance of sun protection. However, a lot of people overlook this when choosing a moisturizer. There are a lot of moisturizers that offer sun protection, so it's crucial to find one that does.

It protects your skin from the sun, but it also helps you prevent the effects of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Although this is a factor that should be considered for any moisturizer, it's even more important to consider when it comes to moisturizers that have SPF factors.

Contains Antioxidants

If you pay attention to the skincare advertisements, you'll often hear about antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for the health of your skin, as it helps fight free radicals and thus, prevent signs of aging.

Most of the time, moisturizers that contain antioxidants are the more expensive ones. However, if you're willing to spend more, this is something to look for. Just make sure that the antioxidants are natural. You don't want to use moisturizers that will cause more harm than good, so make sure you look into this.

Can Be Used on Skin with Certain Conditions

For those with skin conditions, such as oily, acne-prone, dry, or sensitive skin, you'll want a moisturizer that can help you manage these. Fortunately, most moisturizers can help you with this, and some are specific to a condition.

However, finding a moisturizer that can help with eczema would be particularly tricky. It's best to consult a dermatologist or your physician if you have this condition to have better options.

Things to Avoid When Looking for a Moisturizer

You need to steer clear of certain things when finding the best moisturizer. These include:

Colorings and Fragrances

Scented or colored products might be nice to use, but not when it comes to moisturizers. This is because it may irritate your skin and cause other problems. You also run the risk of developing allergies from synthetic fragrances or colorings.

Body Ingredients

Some moisturizers contain body-friendly ingredients that are most likely not face-friendly. These moisturizers often have too heavy ingredients and ultimately clog your pores and cause other skin problems.


When it comes to exfoliating, you can use facial scrubs, but those that contain acids are not for your face. When you use a facial scrub with acids, you can injure your skin's natural protective barrier and make it more susceptible to infections.

Overabundant Steroidal Ingredients

Most moisturizers contain steroids that help alleviate the effects of skin conditions. However, too many of these steroids can cause thinning of the skin, which is not healthy. You should only use moisturizers that contain the right amount of steroids. Although steroids may seem effective, they can also be detrimental to the health of your skin over time.

Urea or Lactic Acids

Some moisturizers use urea and lactic acid as ingredients. While urea is present in our skin, too much of it can cause dryness, while lactic acid can strip your skin's protective barrier.

If a moisturizer has lactic acid and urea as ingredients, it's best to stay away from it because, like acids, these ingredients are too strong and harsh for your face.


Moisturizers are not just used for beauty purposes. They are vital in keeping your skin healthy. However, the world of moisturizers is overwhelming, so you need a guide to help you choose the best moisturizer you can get. It's best to weigh your options and find the right product that suits your needs and your skin type.

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