woman with pimples

Acne is a pain to have. And unfortunately, pimples can come out of nowhere. Sometimes, it will even appear when you least want it to.

In most cases, pimples will eventually go away on their own. But what happens when you get an unwanted pimple just before a big event in your life? Would there even be enough time to wait it out?

What Is the Life Cycle of a Pimple?

It’s important to understand how a pimple can form on your skin and eventually fade away. By having a better grasp of the life cycle of a pimple, you may be able to better prevent its formation in the future.

While a pimple may seem to pop up out of nowhere, it’s not actually the case. You see, acne starts as microscopic bumps on the skin undetectable to the naked eye. The small bumps begin to enlarge when hormones stimulate the oil glands. That’s why acne can often happen as a result of puberty, stress, or menstruation. When bacteria are present in these bumps, they can often multiply. And when bacteria multiply, the skin then becomes inflamed, forming the pimple.

How Long Does a Pimple Take to Form?

As we mentioned before, pimples don’t actually come out of nowhere. You may not see it yet, but they may already be there without you knowing. In reality, it takes roughly one to two weeks for the microscopic bumps to fully form and develop into the pimples you’re familiar with.

Once the pimple is fully developed, it will usually take three to seven days to heal itself. But it’s important to note that this timeframe only applies if you leave the pimple alone and avoid touching the area. When you irritate the pimple—or worse, pop it—it may last even longer. And in cases of improperly popped pimples, they may even lead to scarring.

How Long Does Acne Last?

While pimples will take a short period to heal and disappear, acne is a different story. Remember, pimples are just one of the symptoms of acne, which is a disease.

Acne often begins when a child goes through puberty. This is likely due to the hormonal and other bodily changes they are experiencing during this time in their lives. 

For most people, acne can last anywhere from 5-10 years. So, if you start getting acne at around 13, there is a high chance it will go away when you’re in your early 20s. However, in some cases, acne can continue into one’s adulthood. If you are still struggling with acne as an adult, you can seek proper treatment to help address your condition.

While many people find that their acne eventually improves as they grow into adulthood, others will have a different experience. It really depends on your body, genetics, and other vital factors. So, your course of action will depend on your specific situation. 

Final Thoughts

Acne is often a normal part of life. Pimples can seemingly show up out of nowhere, but they will likely go away on their own. However, if you feel that you are plagued with acne for far longer than you wanted, you can always seek proper treatment to help deal with your acne.

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