woman sleeping

If you think catching up on sleep during the weekends is a healthy way to live, then you better think again. Lack of sleep often has an adverse effect on your body, including your skin. That’s right, even your skin can’t escape your habit of depriving yourself of sleep. So, you better think again about pulling an all-nighter after reading these effects of sleep deprivation on your skin.

1. Dry Skin

Out of all the organs in your body, your skin is the largest and is the most exposed. While they provide protection to your entire body, your skin is also at risk of being exposed to your environment. The outermost layer of your skin, in particular, acts as a safeguard against excessive water loss. However, when you don’t sleep enough, this function of the skin won’t work as it should. In fact, you experience more water loss as the skin’s barrier function decreases due to lack of sleep. When this happens, you end up with dehydrated skin.

2. Losing Thickness

Losing sleep can also result in a decrease in your growth-hormone levels. This is because those types of hormones are produced mainly by your body during the first few hours of sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough or you have irregular sleep patterns, then you’re practically deterring the production of those hormones. What’s the connection between growth hormones and your skin, you say? Well, that very same type of hormone is also responsible for thickening your skin. You start to lose thickness on your skin whenever you lose a couple of winks of sleep. Your skin’s collagen and elastic tissue will also begin to break down, causing your skin to become loose and, worse, wrinkly.

3. Eye Strain and Under-Eye Circles

You’ll immediately notice a person who is sleep-deprived by the redness of their eyes or those signature under-eye circles. The redness of the eye is because of how swollen they become due to the enormous strain they’ve been put into. On the other hand, those dark circles are caused by the pooling of blood in under-eye vessels. This can cause the puffiness and darkness of your under-eye. Although those dark circles can be caused by genetics, they do become exacerbated every time you don’t get enough sleep.

4. Dull Skin

Whenever you miss sleep, your cortisol levels increase. Cortisol is essentially a steroid hormone that regulates a wide range of processes in your body, including your metabolism and immune response. They’re also in charge of triggering inflammation in your body, which breaks down the proteins in your skin, which keeps it radiant and smooth.

Another result of this is your body suffering from a lack of oxygen brought on by the reduced blood flow resulting from stress and fatigue. Lack of oxygen then causes your skin to appear ashy, pigmented, or incredibly dull. 


After looking through this guide, the term “beauty rest” seems to hold more importance now more than ever. This is because the quality and length of your sleep will readily affect your skin’s health. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not miss your daily eight hours of sleep.

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