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Popular media has given rise to "glass skin" dreams in recent years, where men and women of all ages try out different skincare routines to achieve skin similar to a porcelain doll.

It's worth noting that glass skin doesn't necessarily mean you will be devoid of pores and other blemishes. After all, you can only achieve skin like it through photo editing apps and camera filters.

While you will still have clear skin, setting realistic standards is essential. Glass skin without media facades means healthy and glowing skin. Here is a multi-step nighttime skincare routine to help you achieve this skin.

Step One: Cleanse Your Face

The most important step to any skincare routine is cleansing your skin thoroughly before moving to the next step. You should note that high-quality cleansing products are essential to your routine, especially if you want to achieve glass skin.

As much as possible, choose a cleanser for your skin type. It should also contain natural ingredients like oatmeal, green tea, and seaweed extracts, which help replenish and hydrate your skin naturally. 

If your skin has special needs, you'll need a cleanser to address them. For example, acne-prone skin will significantly benefit from cleansers containing tea tree extract. 

Step Two: Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is essential to glass skin because it helps remove dead skin cells that dull your skin’s glow. Removing dead skin also makes it possible for skincare products to penetrate deeper for more effectiveness.

You can get a mild exfoliation by mixing and grinding oatmeal in circular motions with brown sugar. Rub this mixture on your face, leave it on for five minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. You can then follow up with your regular cleanser.

You can repeat this process twice a week. However, only do this if your skin is not too sensitive.

Step Three: Use a Toner

Toner works by removing excess dirt, sebum, and other impurities from the skin. They make your skincare products more effective and less prone to being clogged by impurities.

Moreover, toners are essential to glass skin because they help tighten the pores, making it easier to conceal blemishes.

You should look for a toner with ingredients like green tea, known for its abundance of antioxidants to combat aging for glass skin.

Step Four: Apply a Mask Treatment

Masking is one of the most effective ways to take care of your skin. The best skincare mask to use for glass skin is a clarifying mask treatment.

Clarifying mask treatments will draw out impurities to help you achieve a glowing complexion. Healing Bark's Original Healing Bark Facial Mask is one to consider for its effective results.

Besides, it is a 100 percent natural clarifying mask treatment that detoxifies and brightens the skin. It's an excellent way of giving your skin a much-needed pampering at least twice a week. 

Step Five: Use a Serum

Serums are supercharged skincare products essential to achieving glass skin. The reason is they pack concentrated doses of active ingredients to give your skin a boost.

You may think that serums are only for special occasions. In reality, they target specific skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, and dehydration. You can use serums for your face, neck, and other body parts.

As you can imagine, the product can give your skin the proper nourishment it needs to achieve glass skin. Some good serums include vitamin C and collagen.

Step Six: Apply Eye Cream

Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s one of the reasons why people consider an eye cream as one of the most crucial skincare products for glass skin.

As you may know, the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, so you need extreme care for this area to avoid premature aging.

Eye creams are thicker than the skincare products you often apply to your face. It locks in moisture and fights aging signs around the eyes. Your eye cream must include ingredients like hyaluronic acid to hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes.

Step Seven: Moisturize Your Face

Last but not least is moisturizer.

Moisturizers help hydrate the skin, making it glow like the glass skin you've always wanted.

It's a good idea to use a moisturizer with anti-aging effects. There are many specific moisturizers today, but hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C is popular.

Final Thoughts

Glass skin can give you a radiant and supple glow. However, you don't have to look like the porcelain dolls that star in the media. Instead, you can achieve glass skin by sticking to a gentle cleansing routine and an effective skincare routine.

If you're looking for skincare masks for brightening skin, consider Healing Bark's Original Healing Bark Facial Mask. Our mask offers deep cleansing and detoxifying, perfect for helping you achieve glass skin. Shop now!