Pimples and acne can be quite frustrating, whether you get them in your teens or when you’re an adult. Many people who have acne feel conscious about them and it affects their confidence.

For this reason, most of us are always on the lookout for beauty tips for acne and new products that could help with this skin problem. Surprisingly, many focus on solutions rather than prevention. 

A lot of people are unaware of the common triggers of pimples or acne. If you’re wondering whether you’re doing these things, read on as Healing Bark share some surprising culprits behind acne and pimples: 

Frequent Face Touching

Face touching may seem as harmless, as it does to many of us. But this actually triggers acne or pimples. What you may not know is that your skin is home to millions of bacteria and germs. When you touch your face, you are transferring these bacteria to it, which then multiply and create more germs at a faster rate. These bacteria, in turn, release harmful toxins, which make your skin very vulnerable to acne and pimples.

Sure, constantly touching your face is an uncontrollable habit. But it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side and avoid rubbing your face with your hands. Reduce your touching frequency as much as possible.

Excessive Exposure to the Sun

Exposing too much of your skin to the sun’s UV rays may increase the risk of developing acne or pimples. This is because the sun’s harsh rays may damage the skin cells and weaken their immunity, which makes them vulnerable to acne and pimples. So, always remember to apply lotion with SPF 15 or higher before going outdoors.

Using Dirty Pillowcases, Bedsheets and Blankets

If you’re prone to acne and pimples, it is best to keep your linen clean. Using a dirty blanket may trigger breakouts by transferring bacteria, dead skin cells and other dirt to your skin.

This is because when you sleep, your face may rest on the pillowcase or blanket. The dirty spots from these linens may then be transferred to your face, which will make you more susceptible to acne and pimples. So, clean your linens every week to help prevent acne and pimples.

Wearing Sweaty or Dirty Clothes

If you wear sweaty or dirty clothes, they may also irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Avoid wearing clothes that have been worn for a long time as they can release bacteria and dead cells onto your face or body that promote acne and pimples.

Using Dirty Face Towels or Makeup Sponges and Brushes

Dirty makeup tools or sponges or brushes can also cause breakouts. This is because they may harbor germs and bacteria from the face powder or makeup that has been used on them. The use of these tools will then prompt the release of these harmful toxins onto your face, which will further irritate your skin, making it vulnerable to acne or pimples.

If you use makeup sponges and brushes, clean them regularly to prevent acne and pimples. Also, wash your makeup brushes and sponges with regular dish soap or laundry detergent.


There are many factors that may cause acne and pimples. The ones enumerated above are those that most of us unknowingly commit. If you want to prevent acne, you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle, eat right and take care of your skin using only natural skincare products.

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