doing skincare

The average person's skin gets in contact with many chemicals daily. Whether it's the shampoo you lather onto your scalp, the soap you wash your hands with, or the deodorant you wear on your body, your skin ends up absorbing a lot of materials from these products and has them enter your bloodstream.

Add the fact that beauty and skincare routines are becoming the norm for all genders, and you have many more products on that list. If you're concerned about your health, we've prepared a list that will help explain why more and more people are deciding to switch to natural and organic skincare products.

1. Better for Your Skin

Choosing organic skincare products leads to healthier skin. The chemicals and ingredients used in skincare products often cause irritation and dryness. The skin's natural skin tone and glow could decrease over time when exposed to harsh chemicals. You'll be amazed at how smooth and fresh your skin will start to look after switching to organic products.

2. Reduce Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Your body is exposed to a lot of chemicals, and some of those could contribute to illnesses. Switching to organic skincare prevents you from using products that have chemicals that may cause issues later in life. Removing them from your routine improves your health and your skin.

3. You Can Trace the Ingredients

Natural ingredients, by definition, are safer than the synthetic ones that are used in the majority of beauty products. Natural ingredients like essential oils, extracts, and natural butters are easier to identify and are often lab-tested. This makes organic skincare products generally safer and less risky than beauty products that hide their ingredients.

4. Better for the Environment

Choosing organic skincare products will benefit more than just your skin. As you'll learn below, the cosmetic industry has a huge impact on the world around us. The chemicals used to manufacture beauty products are harmful to the environment, to the people who produce them, as well as to the people who use them. By choosing organic products, you make a difference for the planet, for your health, and for others.

5. No Chemicals to Pollute the Water Supply

Those chemicals that you apply to your skin wash off into the water supply. They can't be removed by the treatment plants, and they end up in the water that you drink every day. This means that you are also consuming them along with your water. Choosing organic skincare products means that you won't contribute to water pollution.

6. You’ll Support Small Businesses

Choosing organic skincare products helps support small businesses and local producers. Instead of shopping in big department stores, you can support local organizations by going to the farmers' market or a fair. You can find organic skincare products from small businesses that are often more concerned about your health and wellness. Plus, you have the option of supporting local economies and organizations with values that resonate with you.


Choosing organic skincare products helps improve your own health, benefits the planet, and helps protect the health of others. Organic products generally have fewer ingredients and almost always have fewer chemicals. The ingredients that they do use are often natural and easily identifiable.

The process of manufacturing organic skincare products is based on improving the lives of people instead of relying on environmentally damaging business practices. If you're concerned about yourself and everyone around you, consider making the switch to organic and be part of a movement that's changing the world for the better.

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