Getting fine lines and crow’s feet are a natural part of aging up. However, these kinds of facial features shouldn’t be showing up in your 20s just yet. It can be a little worrying when you start to see some telltale signs and wrinkles slowly forming on your forehead, near the eyes, and around the mouth. 

It’s important to fight these early signs of aging if you want to keep looking as youthful as your age. Even before they start to appear, many skin specialists and enthusiasts promote caring for your skin rather than rectifying the issues.

Here’s a quick and detailed guide on how you can achieve amazing wrinkle-free skin:

1) Get Some SPF

Sunscreen should be your best friend, especially at 20 when you’re aiming to slow down the aging process. The sun’s UV rays can often exaggerate lines and harm your skin, so it’s best to put some on every morning. Even just staying inside with the windows open should still warrant a bit of SPF and tender loving care for your skin.

2) Remove Makeup

If you’re applying some extra makeup on top of your sunscreen, be sure to remove it and wash your face daily. Thoroughly taking off makeup will be key to having a clean face with no lingering products that’ll lead to wrinkles forming on your skin. Plus, with the addition of pollution and several other environmental factors, it’s important to cleanse.

3) Have a Regular Skincare Routine

After cleansing, try to have a regular skincare routine that you can stick to in order to keep your skin free from any wrinkles. Be sure to use anti-aging products that will keep your skin nice and clear for a bit.

Moisturizing ingredients are probably the most ideal to find in your skincare products, especially if you’re aiming to smooth out the skin so that no lines will start to form while you’re in your 20s. Certain skin treatments also dry out your skin, so compensate with some hydration. 

4) Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Dead skin cells can start to form on your skin and contribute to wrinkles in the near future. If you want to ensure that your skin is clear from any lines, remove that top layer of dead skin by exfoliating twice or thrice every week. Just be cautious of any chemical exfoliants that may cause your skin to peel or damage your skin barrier.

5) Use Anti-Aging Facial Masks

One of the most important skincare products that you’re going to need is a good anti-aging face mask. Not only would it be a great treat for your skin several times a week, but it will also clear your skin of any lingering lines around your face.

Try to find a great and reliable face mask that can also contribute to other benefits. Aside from getting a mask with anti-aging benefits, you may want to invest in one that can also detoxify and brighten your skin a little more.


These tips will be keeping your skin young while slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. Find better confidence in your 20s when you have great skin, and stay wrinkle-free as you age up with the right products. 

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