You’ve learned a few ways on how you can take care of your skin in the first part of this series. But, achieving youthful, healthy-looking skin does not stop there. If you have seen results after doing the first few ways, you’ll definitely make your skin look at its absolute best once you’ve applied these other skincare tips. 

Keep on reading to learn more ways how you can take care of your skin to keep it healthy, smooth, and looking young. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have skincare product because it can significantly help your skin look younger. As you know, UV rays are harmful to your skin since they can speed up the development of your wrinkles and can even cause skin cancer. But, if you wear sunscreen, you’ll be protected against harmful UV rays, and you’ll reduce the risks of developing any skin conditions. Make sure to apply it before you go out the door and take it wherever you go. Also, consider using umbrellas for added skin protection. 

Go to a Facial Salon Once in a While

Going to a facial salon once in a while will not hurt your budget but will only improve your skin’s health. Aside from improving your skin, it can also be a time for yourself to relax, which is essential to prevent stress hormones from going berserk. When you go to a facial salon, you’re allowing your skin to be deeply penetrated, nourished, and feeling hydrated and refreshed. 

But, if you don’t have the time and budget to go to a facial salon, you can buy Healing Bark’s mask kit as an alternative.

Avoid Using Heavy Makeup

While makeup can enhance your features, it can take a toll on your skin’s health, especially if you don’t remove them properly. As much as possible, try to wear light makeup to allow your skin to breathe. But, if you do wear heavy makeup, make sure you remove them before you go to sleep. Leftover makeup can clog your pores, resulting in breakouts. Cleanse your face properly and consider using non-comedogenic formulas in your makeup as they don’t clog pores and are lighter on the skin. 

Don’t Forget to Cleanse and Moisturize Your Skin Daily

Washing your face with soap and water is not enough; you need to use products suitable for your skin type to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin. Regardless if you have oily or dry skin type, washing and moisturizing your face is equally important. 

Learn More About the Products You’re Buying

Before using or buying any products, make sure you check the product’s formulation. Having “natural” or “organic” in the product’s label doesn’t mean they are entirely safe. Some products might still contain alcohol and other ingredients that your skin isn’t fond of. So, to ensure your skin will be healthy and safe, study the product’s formulation before using it. 


Keeping your skin healthy is one of the things you shouldn’t ignore. Your skin may seem fine, but it also needs some TLC. While taking care of it may seem like a lot of work, the benefits you can have with having healthy skin are worth every effort. Just follow our guide and use products from Healing Bark so that keeping your skin healthy will be more manageable. 

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