woman touching hair

In the past, flawless skin defined the notions of femininity, which is why many women felt pressured to do anything and everything just to achieve the ideal body. In fact, this includes investing in various hair removal techniques.

Moreover, if you want to fit in with society, you must adhere to its beauty standards. This only means that most women were not given the privilege of choosing whether they really wanted to shave, pluck, or wax. As being hairy is a concept that doesn’t fit the image of a lady, removing body hair was more of a necessity than an option.

This may be the reason women still feel embarrassed when talking about body hair. But luckily, we live in an era that embraces body positivity and women empowerment. Thus, hair removal is no longer a beauty routine that every woman must go through, and instead, people of all genders are doing the deed for the right reasons.

With that said, there are now other ways to remove hair without undergoing the painful process of waxing and plucking. If you’re curious about it, read on below to find out more about the ancient Burmese hair removal secret.

The Ancient Burmese Hair Removal Secret

The secret to the ancient Burmese hair removal method involves using a Burma herb known as the thanaka bark. And according to locals, this particular sprout has been revered for various cosmetic effects and purposes.

For the natives of Burma, the thanaka bark is a revered herb that solves many cosmetic problems. It is even known for its sun damage protective properties. Thus, Burmese people usually cover their faces with organic thanaka powder to protect themselves from the tropical sun. Locals also claim that it contains antifungal and antibacterial features that make it an effective anti-acne aid.

There have also been reports of its capability to rejuvenate skin, smooth out complexion, and eliminate unwanted body hair. Hence, it’s safe to say that the thanaka bark is an all-in-one solution for people in Burma.

The Ancient Burmese Hair Removal Process

Burmese tradition dictates that you should mix thanaka bark powder with organic safflower oil to create a creamy paste. Note that this method does not work the same way as commercial hair removal creams. As such, you shouldn’t expect this formulation to melt the hair away. It actually focuses more on halting hair growth. So, for optimum results, you must remove hair before applying the paste for the first time.

Massage the paste on your skin for five minutes, and then leave it on for at least three hours. If you want to let it soak for a more extended period, you can leave it on your skin overnight. Some people do this often. And luckily, there are no reported adverse side effects to this approach. Afterward, wash the paste off with clean water.


The ancient Burmese hair removal process is quite simple. However, you must remember that it’s not a magical solution that will stop hair growth instantaneously. With that, if you want to remove all unwanted hair permanently, you must repeat the process a few more times until you achieve desired results. In this way, you can safely eliminate body hair without the pain of standard hair removal procedures.

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