Everyone is looking for that sort of magic ingredient for skincare. And while there is not one single ingredient that works for every single person out there, there are some amazing natural elements that can really work for virtually any individual. 

If you’ve tried out healing bark or other popular natural skin care products, then you’ve likely heard of alpha arbutin.

What Is Alpha Arbutin?

Alpha arbutin is a naturally occurring substance that is often used as a skin brightener. It also carries antioxidizing properties and effectively treats dark spots and discoloration. It is usually found in the dried leaves of bearberry plants, though it can also be found in cranberry and blueberry leaves. 

It is also known scientifically as hydroquinone glucopyranoside, but it should not be confused with hydroquinone. The latter is a different compound that kills melanin-producing cells to stop pigmentation. Alpha arbutin simply targets the enzymes that cause uneven pigmentation to occur. 

Solid beauty brands will harvest alpha arbutin in its early stages, particularly because it will turn into hydroquinone over time. What you want is to achieve the effects of mimicking tyrosine to slow down melanin production without actually having to kill any cells. 

You should be able to safely use alpha arbutin on its own because it won’t randomly turn into hydroquinone. This is because it needs an alkaline environment, which is the opposite of what skin provides.

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin

Alpha arbutin is usually used to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma, but it also has numerous other benefits for the skin:

  • It is very flexible because it has no contraindications that may make it a dangerous addition to your skincare routine. You can even pair it well with the likes of kojic acid.
  • The way it blocks melanin production means your cells will be able to achieve a more even skin tone. Instead of completely lightening your skin in a problematic way, it simply helps your skin achieve a more balanced and brighter complexion.
  • It brightens the skin because it inhibits tyrosine effectively. This is what produces that extra glow and ensures that your skin doesn’t look blotchy.
  • On its own, it won’t be a risky irritant. It is quite gentle on the skin in low concentrations.
  • It significantly lightens acne scars and can even help lessen any redness from inflammation.
  • It does the job without increasing the individual’s sensitivity to the sun. You can use alpha arbutin and not worry about becoming more sensitive under the sun’s rays.
  • It can safely be used twice a day. This is because it is a natural compound that should not produce any harmful effects when making contact with skin.

Final Thoughts

Alpha arbutin is a great ingredient to even out your complexion, and it is much safer than options like hydroquinone. It’s super flexible and should be able to match with pretty much any existing natural skincare routine. The only thing you may want to avoid is mixing it with certain niacinamide powders that contain high pH levels. Still, it’s otherwise very usable with any other skincare product (including those with niacinamide.) 

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