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Thanaka is a type of ground bark that is turned into a paste. The paste is most commonly used in Myanmar for cosmetic purposes. And this is because Thanaka is found to provide several benefits for the skin. 

Here are some of the uses of Thanaka for the skin.

1. Thanaka as Makeup

One of the most common uses of Thanaka in Myanmar is as a cosmetic product. Thanaka is commonly used as a powder people apply on the face and neck. This is done to provide a sunny glow to the skin. And also to provide an even skin tone. Thanaka can also be used as an extremely thin face mask. Thanaka can be mixed with water and then applied to the face. Then, the water is allowed to evaporate, which gives the skin a smooth texture.

2. Thanaka to Control Acne

Acne treatment is another typical use of Thanaka in Myanmar. Thanaka is used to treat acne because of the high amount of sulfur present in the paste. Sulfur helps to control the bacteria that cause acne. And it can also decrease the inflammation associated with acne. 

A common way to use Thanaka for acne is by mixing it with vegetables. The Burmese will use the vegetables to apply a thin layer of Thanaka paste to the skin. Thanaka is found to be especially effective in the treatment of blackheads.

3. Thanaka to Reduce Wrinkles

Thanaka is also famous as an anti-aging product. This is because Thanaka is found to be an antioxidant in nature. It smoothens out cracks on the skin by decreasing the amount of collagen the skin loses. 

Thanaka can also reduce wrinkles when applied to the skin. This is because Thanaka is found to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which means that Thanaka prevents the skin from cracking and wrinkles from forming.

4. Thanaka to Heal Wounds

Thanaka can help to heal wounds and prevent them from becoming infected. The paste is known to contain antibacterial properties that help to clean out wounds and prevent infection. The paste is helpful in the treatment of cuts, scrapes, and burns.

You can apply the paste to the skin or apply it inside the mouth for dental care.

5. Thanaka as Odor Prevention

Thanaka is found to be used as a natural deodorant in Myanmar. The paste contains antibacterial agents that help reduce odor-causing bacteria, which is why it’s particularly helpful for reducing the odor of the armpits. And it is also found to reduce the foul smell of the feet.

In Summary

Thanaka is a simple paste that has a lot of benefits for the skin and is used in Myanmar as a natural cure for a variety of problems. Thanaka is found to be effective in the treatment of acne, wrinkles, wounds, and armpits odor. The paste is also chemical-free and it is cruelty-free. This makes the paste a top-rated cosmetic product.

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