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People often lose sight of how useful nature can be in finding solutions to common issues in a world dominated by technology, which usually uses synthetic and chemical remedies.

You will be better off using thanaka over some artificial skincare fad. See, thanaka produces premium natural solutions to enhance longevity in life and the environment, allowing its users to do what they love longer. 

Developers of thanaka as a skincare solution achieve this by analyzing local traditions and putting them to use in modern-day demands.

Composition of Thanaka

The wood of many trees, which are widely distributed in central Myanmar, can be used to make thanaka cream. They primarily consist of Murraya species (thanaka) but also include Limonia acidissima (wood apple). 

The two most well-known are Shinmadaung thanaka from Magway Region and Shwebo thanaka from Sagaing Region.

Taunggyi Mauk Mai thanaka from southern Shan State is a recent competitor offered as a paste. Thanaka trees are perennials, and it takes a tree at least thirty-five years to be considered mature enough to provide cuttings of high quality. 

Thanaka is typically marketed as little logs, either individually or in bundles, but is now also offered as a paste or a powder.

The thanaka tree's roots, bark, or wood are ground with a tiny quantity of water to create thanaka cream on a circular slate slab known as kyauk pyin.

People claim that thanaka gives nutritional supplements for infants, cools the skin, provides sun protection, manages acne, heals wounds, and relieves rashes.

Below are the top advantages of thanaka powder.

Healthy Skin without Acne

Two active ingredients found in thanaka, coumarin, and marmesin, are responsible for the herb's antibacterial, antifungal, anti-acne, and anti-aging activities. 

In other words, Thanaka is in charge of successfully getting rid of dead skin cells and managing excessive oil production on the face.

Research has also shown that tyrosinase, the enzyme that initiates melanin formation and impacts skin pigmentation, is inhibited by thanaka. Therefore, consistent usage of Thanaka can aid in reducing the activity of melanomas and improving the tone of your skin.

Anti-Aging and Better Skin Tone

Thanaka is a non-greasy antioxidant that replenishes the skin's critical nutrients, slowing down the aging process by minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

The qualities of 100 percent pure thanaka powder block tyrosinase, which helps brighten dull skin's appearance.

Natural Sunscreen Substitute

It goes without saying that Myanmar is hot. Southeast Asia is close to the equator, so there is a lot of solar exposure there. Thanaka is a natural sunscreen substitute that the Burmese discovered to be an effective way to protect their skin from this harsh environment.

It is the finest type of sunscreen found in nature. Thanaka has been used by the Burmese for more than 2,000 years to protect and enhance the skin. 

It is typically ground from tree bark and crushed on a stone slab before being combined with water to create a paste. 

Then it is applied topically, where it physically protects the skin from the sun while feeding it with powerful antioxidant capabilities.

Utilizes Nature, Not Fights It

Thanaka, a skin-protective and beautifying product made in Myanmar from the wood of a tiny tree, has been used by the Burmese people for more than 2000 years. 

This natural cosmetic is most frequently used topically after being ground up on a stone and mixed with water to create a paste. Thanaka starts to work its magic at this point.


You use thanaka to apply straightforward indigenous medicines that enhance necessities for a lifetime. You strengthen your connection to the simplicity of working with nature by taking inspiration from other cultures and getting back to the basics.

By using thanaka as an active component, you participate in conventional methods, going backward in the direction of a healthy society and world.

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