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Thanaka powder is an organic powder made from the Thanaka tree. It has many skin healing properties that residents of Myanmar, Thailand, and India have proven useful. There are many ways to mix Thanaka powder to get the benefits that you want.

If you have your doubts, then here are a few reasons why you should incorporate Thanaka powder into your skincare routine.

It Slows the Skin Aging Process

There are many factors that cause damage to your skin over time. Everywhere we go, there are contributors to skin deterioration, from pollution, harmful chemicals, and sun rays. 

Application of Thanaka powder can greatly reduce the effects of these contributors. This way, you can preserve the youthful glow of your skin for years to come.

It Protects You from Skin Diseases

Organic Thanaka powder contains several nutrients that your skin can benefit from. Thanks to the antioxidants in Thanaka powder, it helps your skin fight against common skin diseases such as pustules.

In addition, it can act as a sunscreen and help your skin become more resistant to the rays of the sun.

It Moisturizes Your Skin

Most skin problems like acne, blackheads, and blemishes are caused by the oily secretion of your skin. But that doesn’t mean this oily secretion should be removed completely. Without it, your face will feel dry and flaky.

Thanaka powder can help regulate the amount of moisture produced by your glands, so as to maintain only the needed amount.

It Evens Your Skin Tone

Being all-natural, Thanaka powder has properties that will help you even your skin tone. Studies show that it is a great reactant against skin discoloration. By balancing the ph levels in your skin, it will definitely help you bring out your natural skin tone.

Due to its sun-repellent properties, it will also help ensure that skin discoloration doesn’t happen again.

It Offers Health Benefits

Aside from the benefits you can get for your skin, Thanaka powder also has multiple benefits to your overall health. It is a known treatment against gastritis and a powerful preventative solution to Malaria.

For cancer patients, Thanaka powder can also ease the side effects of radiotherapy.

It Removes Dirt from Your Pores

Thanaka powder is an effective pore cleanser to keep your skin clean and soft. Application of the Thanaka powder mixture will help remove the layers of dirt you’ll find on your skin. It is an effective solution to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

It Prevents Unwanted Hair Growth

Another unique benefit to Thanaka powder is that it prevents hair growth in unwanted places. This includes upper lip hair, sideburns, and the likes. As long as you make sure to apply the mixture regularly and correctly, you can reduce this unwanted hair growth.

It Makes You Feel Fresh

Thanks to the Thanaka powder’s organic properties, a simple wash will help you feel more rejuvenated than ever before. The powder induces a cool and fresh feeling that will help you feel more youthful and glowing.


Proper skin maintenance can help you preserve your beauty and youthful glow. With the help of Thanaka powder, you are placing barriers between surrounding harmful substances and your skin.

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