Taking care of one’s skin is one of the secrets to look years younger than one actually is. Because of modern dermatology, there are many skincare routines that will help skin stay healthy and free from acne, allergic reactions and other skin conditions at bay. However, if you want to have skin that is radiantly beautiful and glowing, it will take specific skincare rituals to help you. 

One of the best skincare secrets that the Orient has to offer is that of the Thanaka tree. This tree, when turned into a powered form, will help skin glow and give the person the most radiant and soft-looking skin they’ve ever had. This blog post will shed light on the specifics that surround this miraculous skincare routine and why you might want to try it for yourself. 

Secrets of Thanaka: Myanmar’s Ancient Skincare Routine

The tradition of using Thanaka in skincare regimens has been around in Myanmar for over two millennia. People who incorporate Thanaka products into their daily skincare routines, may benefit in many different ways. Continue reading to find out how you can stand to benefit from Thanaka products and how to apply them to your skin. 

Applying It to the Face and Body

Most of the time, Thanaka products come in the form of a powder. This powder is mixed with a small amount of water to create a white, pasty substance that can be applied to the face and all over the body.

Benefits of Thanaka

The benefits of Thanaka are seemingly endless. However, the list below only scratches the surface of the advantages that would accompany a skincare regimen that includes Thanaka products. 

1 - It Heals Acne

Thanaka has natural antibacterial properties. These properties are what keep acne from growing and spreading on the skin. If a person has stubborn pimples on their face or back, Thanaka scrubs can help get rid of the acne breakout and prevent it from recurring. 

2 - Acts Like a Natural Sunscreen

Thanaka has a special active ingredient called Marmesin. This ingredient is known to be able to filter the UV rays before they penetrate the skin. Wearing a protective Thanala mask will help you avoid the effects of the harsh sun during the times of the day when it shines at its brightest. 

3 - Slows the Aging Process

Thanaka products have a lot of antioxidant properties that will help fight free radicals and delay the aging process of the skin. This is the specific benefit that many people look to have when they try different skincare products. The reason is because their healthy skin will have them looking years younger!

4 - Reduces Hyperpigmentation

If you have dark spots around your face, Thanaka will help nourish your skin from the inside out and get rid of hyperpigmentation.


Thanaka can be used in many different ways, such as body scrubs and soaps, that you can use to help improve your complexion and overall skin beauty and health. If you are looking for a way to hit the pause button for skin aging, you should look into buying more products that have Thanaka. 

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