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Thanaka powder is manufactured from powdered bark. It is a distinguishing element of Myanmar culture, appearing predominantly on the faces and arms of women and girls, but also males and boys on occasion. The use of Thanaka has expanded to neighboring nations such as Thailand.

Myanmar is a tropical country with hot weather all year. As a result of the climate, many Burmese have a dark brown complexion. However, as a result of Thanaka powder, they all have firm, smooth, acne-free skin.

For skincare, thanaka is turned into a multi-purpose cream/powder that protects the skin from harmful UV rays and commercial cosmetics chemicals. Its coumarin and marmesin active compounds help remove dead skin and regulate excess facial sebum while balancing the skin's moisture levels throughout the day. 

For these reasons, men and women of various ages prefer this natural cosmetic over other aesthetic procedures. Read on to discover more about thanaka powder as Myanmar’s best-kept beauty secret.

What is Thanaka?

Burmese women have used Thanaka cream since 2000, and it smells like sandalwood. The most common way of application is a circular patch on each cheek, with the nose patterned in the shape of a leaf or striped with fingers. Antifungal in nature, it is said to help as a skin-smoothing, acne clarifying mask.

The Composition of Thanaka Cream

Thanaka cream is a paste made from the wood of various trees found in Myanmar's central area. Thanaka trees are perennials that take 35 years to grow enough to provide cuttings. 

Now, it is accessible in its natural state as a paste or powder and individual small logs or bundles. Thanaka cream is prepared by squeezing the bark, wood, or roots of a thanaka tree through a round slate surface known as kyauk pyin.

Benefits of Thanaka Powder

1. It Can Be Used for Sun Protection

Thanaka, in its purest form, is nature's sunscreen and is a cooling herb that aids in the prevention of sunburn. Two thousand years ago, the Burmese utilized thanaka to protect and improve their skin. 

It is made in Myanmar from pulverized tree bark on a stone surface. It is then applied topically to the skin to provide sun protection as well as antioxidants.  

2. It Is Enriched with Vitamin E

Thanaka, which is strong in vitamin E, protects the skin from pollution and free radicals, which are unstable molecules that cause cell structure to degrade. Vitamin E works as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial agent. Thanaka is also a superb moisturizer, with both moisturizing and cooling properties.

Thanaka also inhibits tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin synthesis and skin pigmentation. As a result, using thanaka regularly can assist in brightening and improving the tone of the skin.

3. It Is Ingrained with Culture and Nature

We believe that local traditions are endowed with strength and wealth. Examining a culture's practice reveals its effectiveness and potency in practice.

 A single incident from everyday life throws light on a different approach. The use of thanaka by the Burmese reveals how simple it can be to engage with nature.

4. It Is Environmentally-Friendly

There is less zinc in thanaka. You may wonder why a lower zinc level is advantageous, given that zinc is included in most natural sunscreens. 

Zinc is a mineral, and as such, mining harms the environment. As a result, by using a more sustainable and regenerating substance, such as thanaka, we may reduce our environmental impact.

5. It Is a Natural Remedy 

Thanaka works with nature rather than against it. Thanaka is a modest traditional remedy that meets life's basic needs. We strengthen our connection to nature through learning from different cultures and returning to our roots.

Thanaka weakens hair roots by interfering with nutrient transport. When nutrient transport to the hair roots is disrupted, the hair roots fall out.


As Myanmar’s best-kept beauty secret, the regular use of thanaka mask helps prevent aging. Thanaka protects against the sun during the day and at night after bathing to provide anti-inflammatory properties. 

Every day, thanaka paste is applied to the faces of the majority of girls and a large number of young men and boys. For this reason, thanaka is suitable for everybody!

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