There’s something special about living a life that’s wild and free. We’ve spent more than 150 years perfecting the toners that can inspire that spirit in you. Naturally, it starts with the wild-crop witch hazel that can enrich your skin to give you a clean take on your day.

But it also includes your choice of the botanicals that offer a garden full of rich scents and other skincare benefits as well. And your use of a wild-harvested ingredient means you’re supporting a practice that’s good for the planet too.

Here are the five parts of our Wild & Free Way that can make a difference to your skin and you:

Wild-Crop Resilience

from the certified wild-crop witch hazel harvests that capture nature’s power to survive, producing plant extracts that many believe provide enhanced efficacy and potency.

Organic Certification

that ensures stringent standards have been met to support product purity and environmental sustainability.

Sense-sational Selections

of botanical ingredients specially selected for the beautiful benefits they bring to senses and skin.


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