Original Healing Bark Bundle

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Solve your skin problems with Myanmar's ancient beauty secret! Give yourself the most potent skin routine possible with the original Healing Bark bundle. 


  • Original Healing Bark Mask

  • Healing Bark Mixing Kit

  • Healing Bark Extract Serum

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The world is taking notice

"Remarkable ingredient"

womens fitness

"Healing Bark is the oldest New Kid on the Block"

"Our team can't get enough of this $15 mask"

"The results have been brilliant"

100% Natural Super Facial

A powerful all-natural facial that reaches deep into pores to cleanse and soothe even the most troubled skin

Evens Texture

Clarify and even the appearance of skin tone

Balances tone

Detoxify and bring balance to the skin

Deeply Cleanses

Deeply cleanse and exfoliate your pores

How it works

Mix the Healing Bark powder with water and apply a light layer to your face. Feel the relieving sensation as the mask dries and let it work it's magic for 20 minutes before rinsing with luke warm water.

Why it's so effective

Three natural compounds work in unison to create a powerful skin perfecting combination that works on all skin types. Coumarin is a powerful antioxidant, Arbutin which works to even the skin tone, and Marmesin which helps to reduce the signs of aging.

2000 years of magic

Healing Bark has been used for thousands of years by men, women, and children to maintain clear and radiant skin. It's one of the oldest and most well known skin secrets.

Healing Bark Customer Results


“Healing Bark really made a significant change on my skin! I used it since Nov 7th every single day. I am so happy. It helped a lot without damaging my skin"


"I am absolutely AMAZED at how fast this is working. It has seriously cleared up my skin so much I feel like a new person!!! I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner."


"After using it for a month I can definitely say its worth the money! It's helped clear up my acne and redness so much. I use it almost every night now."


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Yes. We only use the highest-quality, natural Thanaka bark powder used by men, women, and children for centuries. It works on even the most sensitive skin.

You can expect smoother, revitalized, and rejuvenated skin. Healing Bark helps people with skin troubles achieve healthier looking and feeling skin.

Yes! For normal skin, we recommend using the mask 1-3 times per week. For problem skin, we suggest using Healing Bark up to once per day. 

Healing Bark only contains one ingredient- high quality, naturally grown Thanaka bark powder.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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