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Using Healing Bark

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It all began in 1890 when Aye Tru Ma, a farmer from Sagaing, stumbled upon a grove of Thanaka trees growing behind a dense jungle patch. To protect his skin from the blistering sun, he cut down a small tree, ground the bark, and applied the paste to his face. Almost immediately, he noticed there was something special about this thanaka. It smelled of crisp sandalwood, cooled his face immediately, and left him feeling more refreshed than ever before. The next day, Aye Tru Ma left his home to set up a small shop in Mandalay where he would sell the Thanaka he found.

Word spread quickly about his Thanaka’s special healing powers for all kinds of skin problems. Within a year, it became known as “kyannmarrayy aahkout”, which translates to ‘healing bark’ in english.

When Aye Tru Ma passed away in 1914, he left his business to his son, U Kyaw Win. Together with his wife, Min Ta Oo, they opened multiple shops around Myanmar selling the healing bark. To this day, the healing bark continues to be used and loved by people throughout Myanmar.

What is Healing Bark?

It starts with the bark of the age old Thankaka Tree that grows deep in the forest of Southeast Asia.

Our trees are grown in a special region where the sun, soil, and rain gift our bark with its incredible restorative powers

What makes Healing Bark so effective?

Three natural compounds work in unison to create a powerful skin perfecting combination that works on all skin types.

How is it used?

How is it used?

Doing Our Part for the Environment

It is our mission to support local farmers, preserve and share ancient traditions, and spread the miracles of nature.

Sustainably Farmed

Sustainably Farmed

Sustainably Farmed

Sustainably Farmed

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Thanaka – the Natural Skincare Secret of Ancient Myanmar

For many years, visitors to Myanmar (formerly Burma) had been wondering how the women of this country kept their skin glowing and soft. The secret was a 2,000-year-old natural skincare tradition derived from the Thanaka tree. As a perennial, this tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia and enjoys widespread growth throughout Myanmar. When its stem is ground into a powdery form and mixed with water, it forms a yellowish paste that offers the user many benefits such as a skin beautifier and sun blocker.

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The Historical Roots of Thanaka

Legend has it that the use of Thanaka paste for its skin-nourishing properties was made popular by the queen of Beikthano. Her skin was the envy of many women and its soft, glowing appearance was attributed to using the paste made from mixing equal parts of ground Thanaka and water. However, the history of this amazing skincare product dates back to the founding of Myanmar (formerly Burma) during the 2nd century BC as the Pyu city-states.
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Is Thanaka Bark the Key to Burmese Beauty?

For many individuals that have visited Myanmar, one of the more distinct memories they have is the golden-painted cheeks of many Burmese women and children (along with some of the men). Whether they’re Buddhist or Muslim, young or old, most Myanmar females apply Thanaka paste to their faces on a daily basis. So the question arises. What is Thanaka paste and why do so many women paint it on their faces?

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